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Are you interested in seeing a Clinical Counsellor?

This page should help you in making your decision.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) I offer a safe and supportive, individual, integrative approach to help you explore the underlying meaning of your concerns including anxiety, depression, life transitions, trauma, loss of meaning in life, issues around spirituality and addictions.

Our work together relies on the notion that the creative process is a living thing implanted in the human psyche and that all creative expression represents a life-affirming process of self-regulation and a return to wholeness.

Through a soulful depth approach we'll work together to offer you the opportunity to safely move through a stuck place toward a

greater sense of well-being.

Some of the tools available on this journey include dream work, expressive arts, working with symbols, Jungian based depth work and contemporary approaches from the wider field of psychology including CBT and

mindfulness-based approaches.

Together we'll explore ways to give voice to your own creative capacity and to express what is 'unspeakable' in a way that is safe and

focused toward your own particular aims.

In recent years I have had the good fortune to present my clinical work internationally in places as far reaching as Brazil, New York, California, Europe and across Canada and one thing it has taught me is that this work can be effective across cultures and across inner and outer barriers of many sorts.

This voyage of self-discovery can lead to the development of empathy, an increased ability to integrate difficult emotions, enriched relational abilities, expanded awareness, increased self-confidence, a deeper sense of meaning, and a renewed connection to one's own life-giving creativity.


The BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) grants the use of the title Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) to counsellors who are registered with the BCACC.  When you see the RCC designation, you will know that the counsellor has met the rigorous academic training (Masters-level equivalency), clinical experience and supervision requirements that are part of the BCACCs membership criteria.

The BCACC is a society of regulated Clinical Counsellors dedicated to providing the highest standard of professional counselling, consulting, assessment, testing and training services. Members of the society act to enhance mental health by providing responsive, accountable, and ethical counselling, consulting, assessment, testing, and training services to individuals, couples, families and groups.

What is Mental Health?

Mental Health, according to the World Health Organization, is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of a disease or illness.   Mental Health is defined by Health and Welfare Canada as the capacity of the individual, the group and the environment to interact with one another in ways that promote subjective wellbeing and the optimal development and use of thinking, feeling and relationship abilities. Carl Jung goes further than that to suggest that the aim of a human life is to work toward wholeness through the journey of individuation.  

What is Clinical Counselling?

Clinical Counselling is the use of clinical mental health counselling values, principles and methods for the purpose of assisting clients to understand their issues and concerns in order to enhance self-growth, personal effectiveness, interpersonal relations, life adjustments, spiritual growth, and mental health. This may involve developing insight into, and/or learning to prevent and/or eliminate maladaptive behavior or symptoms, in addition to the enhancement and strengthening of health coping styles and functional relationships with self and others.  

How can an RCC help me?

Sometimes our complex, 24/7 world leaves little time to sort through personal concerns. When your personal problem-solving efforts are no longer working, an RCC can help you and your loved ones cope and thrive. A Registered Clinical Counsellor can help you get a better understanding of your issues and concerns in order to enhance your self-growth, personal effectiveness, relationships, and your general mental health and well-being.

What Services do Registered Clinical Counsellors Provide?

Registered Clinical Counsellors work within an Association-approved scope of practice and offer a variety of educational and mental health related services for individuals, couples, families and groups.  RCCs are qualified to help you address many mental health issues including:

•Brief/Long Term Counselling/Therapy

•Psychoeducational Programs

•Vocational or Career Testing and Counselling

•Organizational Consulting, Training and Development

•Facilitation and Mediation

•Clinical Teaching and Supervision

•Employee/Family Assistance Program Management, Consulting and Delivery

•Community Response and Critical Incident/Crisis Intervention

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Registered Clinical Counsellor?

Registered Clinical Counsellors have successfully fulfilled requirements of education, supervision and clinical experience to the satisfaction of the Association.

Some third party payment plans such as Extended Health Care Insurance and Employee/Family Assistance Programs pay partial or total coverage for counselling services.

What concerns would I bring to a Registered Clinical Counsellor?

Registered Clinical Counsellors are qualified to address many clinical mental health issues through assessment, prevention, and treatment/intervention. Some examples of concerns/issues which are appropriate to bring to a Registered Clinical Counsellor include the following:

•Life transitions or career issues

•Stress and anger management

•Panic and anxiety


•Marital and relationship problems

•Obsessive/compulsive behavior

•Sexual abuse or trauma

•Grief and loss

•Substance abuse

•Gender and sexuality issues

•Child and adolescent issues

•Communication skills/assertiveness

•Conflict resolution

•And many other concerns as well


My session rates are in line with the current

"BCACC Recommended Fee Schedule"

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be billed for the hourly rate.

Some extended health plans cover counselling sessions with a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Consult with your provider and if there are problems I may be able to assist you in requesting an amendment to their "limitations for service providers."

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